How To Clean Your iPad

Cleaning your iPad screen is easy with the iPad Cleaning Cloth!

If you do a simple Google search for “How to clean your iPad” you will get thousands of pages on miscellaneous forums and websites with tips and tricks for cleaning your iPad.

The problem is that an alarming number of those sites and forums will give you some pretty bad information. We have read comments posted by people who have used rubbing alcohol, windex, ammonia, alcohol prep pads, jeans or sweatshirt sleeves and so many other crazy and incredibly harmful suggestions to clean their iPad screen!

We not only feel bad for these people who are too ignorant to know how to protect their own equipment but also for the people who read their suggestions and then try it themselves in turn ruining their own iPads!

So What Is The BEST Way To Clean My iPad’s Screen?

After each use or when your screen needs to be cleaned follow these steps:

1.    Press the Sleep Button on the top of your dirty iPad or turn your iPad off completely.

iPad Looks Clean Until You Turn It Off Turn Your iPad Off

2.    Shake your iPad Cleaning Cloth in the air to remove any loose particles.

Shake Your iPad Cleaning Cloth First

3.    Check your iPad’s screen for any debris or large particles.

Inspect Your iPad For Any Debris or Large Particles

4.    Blow off any debris with compressed air (if necessary) to avoid scratching your iPad’s screen.

Blow Any Debris or Large Particles off Your iPad

5.    Place your iPad Cleaning Cloth on your iPad’s screen.

Place iPad Cleaning Cloth on iPad Touchscreen Lay iPad Cleaning Cloth on Your iPad

6.    Gently rub the iPad Cleaning Cloth in a circular motion until screen is clean.

Gently Rub The iPad Screen Clean How To Clean Your iPad Good As New

You will see that with just a few circular strokes of your iPad Cleaning Cloth your iPad will be shining like new!

Your iPad Comes With An Oleophobic Coating on the Touchscreen:

Ok, so what?

What Oleophobic does NOT mean:

Oleophobic does not mean “Oil Proof” or “Smudge-proof” as you will still leave fingerprints on your iPad screen, this becomes obvious after using an iPad for only a few minutes.

What Oleophobic DOES mean:

The screen is coated with a chemical that will repel the oils and dirt from the skin on your fingers making it easier to clean with just a microfiber cloth like the one we sell at iPad Cleaning Cloth. The oils will not “stick” to the screen so they will be easy to simply wipe off. You won’t need any cleaning chemicals, water or other fluids to clean your iPad screen, just a cleaning cloth and some elbow grease (that’s another way of saying physical energy to wipe the screen, it’s not an actual grease.)

Why You Shouldn’t Use Rubbing Alcohol or Cleaning Solutions:

do not use cleaning products on your iPad

As you now know that special Oleophobic coating on your iPad’s screen is there to help make wiping fingerprints, oils and dirt off of the screen easy with just a microfiber cleaning cloth. If you use rubbing alcohol or cleaning fluids on your iPad screen you will effectively remove the Oleophobic coating and leave your touchscreen naked without any protective coating. Once the coating is removed you will still get the same amount of fingerprints on your iPad screen BUT they will now be very hard to simply wipe off of the screen with the iPad Cleaning Coth or any other microfiber cloth for that matter. You have now created a lifetime of more work for yourself to keep your iPad clean…good job.

If you continue to use the rubbing alcohol or other cleaning fluids like windex on your iPad screen (which you will probably have to do since you won’t be able to get the fingerprints off without them now) you will eventually start to wear down the touchscreen’s sensitivity as well. Which means that your iPad will not only be harder to clean but it will become less responsive to your touch!

Not a good plan.

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